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This set of medical illustrations depicts left shoulder impingement syndrome with arthroscopic surgery. The first drawing is an orientation to shoulder anatomy. The second image is an enlargement of the first, depicting the pre-operative injuries, including a distal clavicle bone spur, acromioclavicular impingement syndrome, down sloping acromion process and impinged supraspinatus muscle tendon. The next image depicts the first two steps of the subacromial decompression surgery, including the insertion of the arthroscopic instruments into the shoulder joint, and the performance of an acromioplasty using a high speed bur to remove the post-traumatic bone spurs and relieve impingement. The last image shows the next two steps in the procedure, including the removal of the distal portion of the clavicle with a high speed bur and the smoothing of the frayed rotator cuff with a shaver.
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